Your corporate event might involve your employees, but it shouldn’t feel like work. Check out these corporate events ideas the rest of your team will love.

Companies with a highly engaged workforce can see 2.5 times the revenue of competitors that lack engagement. Corporate team building can increase employee engagement. Are you missing out on an opportunity to keep your employees happy and potentially increase your revenue?

Team building activities give employees a break from the normal day. They get to know their coworkers better and may gain trust and develop skills that are useful in the office.

Corporate events ideas can range from simple challenges at the office to intense weekend retreats. It’s possible to plan fun events that people want to do no matter what your corporate event budget is.

Planning a corporate event takes attention to detail. Have an overall goal in mind for the event, and consider the different personalities in your office to choose something everyone can enjoy.

Check out these creative corporate event ideas to kick off your planning.

Step Away From the Office

You can host team-building games and activities at the office, but a change of scenery makes the even more meaningful and memorable. The options for activities are also more extensive if you plan an off-site event. It’s tough to do anything too exciting at the office.

Decide if you want to give employees time off during the day for the event or plan it for after hours. Plan for transportation, whether you want to carpool, provide transportation, or let employees drive themselves.

Volunteer as a Group

Volunteering gives you a feel-good bonding option for your team. You’re helping develop relationships internally while supporting a need in your community. 

One option is to devote time to help an organization, such as stocking a food pantry, serving a meal at a soup kitchen, or tutoring kids in a homeless shelter. You might volunteer at a special event, such as a fundraiser for a charity, or attend a fundraiser event as guests. Another option is to train for and run in a charity race as a group.

Pick an Action-Packed Activity

Get your hearts racing while you get to know each other better by picking an action-packed activity. Examples include paintball or shooting simulators. Our Zombie Survival option adds a fun twist to action-packed bonding for your team.

This option adds a thrill to team bonding, which makes it memorable. Make sure all team members are excited about the adventure and physically fit enough to handle the excitement.

Challenge Your Team

Encourage team bonding over friendly competitions with various challenges. They can be individual or team competitions, depending on the goals you want to achieve.

Host a cook-off competition as part of a food day at the office. Or have each department decorate their space based on a specific theme, such as a holiday or seasonal theme.

You can also turn it into a game-style event. Hold your own version of office Survivor with various challenges for the teams. Minute to Win It games are easy to plan and quick to complete, making them a fun competition option.

Host a Company Retreat

Develop stronger relationships by removing employees from the work environment and their normal routines at a corporate retreat. Many facilities host overnight company retreats. This might include a ranch, camp, yoga facility, or resort. 

Plan for bonding activities during the retreat. If you choose a facility that specializes in company retreats, they likely have different options you can choose for your event. A camp might have an elevated ropes course, for example.

Take a Class Together

Your employees likely engage in business-related learning frequently through training sessions. Employee training benefits include increased satisfaction, productivity, and customer retention. But not all learning has to be boring or strictly business-focused.

Schedule a fun class to take together with your team. Examples include a cooking class, canvas painting class, or Zumba class. This type of corporate event takes the pressure off you for planning because someone else leads the event.

Many of these types of classes offer an off-site event option. You can go to facilities that host the activities.

Another option is to hold the class at the office. Many businesses offering these types of classes will travel to you to host an event. This can be more cost-effective and eliminates the transportation issue.

Consider quarterly classes with different team members choosing the type of class each time. Put up a suggestion sheet or let employees vote to choose your next group class.

Get Active

Working up a sweat together places an emphasis on healthy living. It shows that you care about your employees as people. Improved fitness may also help improve productivity in the office.

Active corporate events might include one-time activities, such as kayaking or hiking. Another option is a recurring event, such as joining a sand volleyball league together. It could even be something as simple as making your weekly staff meeting a walking meeting where you chat at the topics as you walk through the halls of the office or outside on the office grounds.

Be a Tourist

Your employees spend a lot of time at the office, but do they spend time exploring the city? Plan a tourist outing to hit the popular spots in your city. You might go to a museum, popular selfie spot, or top restaurant pick.

This corporate event is also a good idea for out-of-town employees. Invite staff from a different branch or employees who work remotely to join the team for the tourist evening.

Choose Corporate Events Ideas

With so many corporate events ideas, you can find one that fits your budget. Keep your goals in mind when choosing an idea, whether you want to build trust, get to know your team better, or encourage stronger relationships between coworkers.

If your plans involve thrilling action, contact us for more information. We can help you book a corporate event your team won’t forget.