As 3 million people now carry concealed weapons with them every day, laws are still catching up. Training and permitting bodies are created in response to demand. However, once laws and rules are put into place, they need to be followed strictly.

Here is what you need to know about concealed carry training and permits.

You Need to be Familiar With Firearms

If you’re planning to get a concealed carry permit, you’re going to need to learn the basics of firearms. Basic safety and common sense go a long way in protecting yourself and the people around you, which is why you aim to concealed carry in the first place.

Treat every single weapon you touch as if it were loaded. Never point your gun at anyone or anything that you’re not planning to shoot. It’s also important to consider what’s in front of your target as well as what’s behind it, as bullets can travel far.

Making The Qualification

You need to take a concealed carry qualification course from a firearms structure who has been certified by the state licensing board. Qualifying courses include eight full hours of class instruction. When you renew, you’ll need to take a four-hour course.

For first-time qualifiers, there will be a written test and a live-fire qualification. These aren’t necessary for renewal but are required by the state for first-time applicants.

Firearms instructors must also sign your certification form before it’s legally recognized as part of the application.

Take a Beginner’s Pistol Course

In order to ensure that you pass the test in your concealed carry course, take a beginner’s pistol course. This will be under the instruction of a professional firearms expert and ensure you avoid some bad habits with form and firearms handling.

Like using any tool or machine, it’s important to get solid instruction before you can properly handle a firearm. More than just marksmanship, the safety and awareness training that they offer is vital to becoming a responsible concealed firearms carrier.

Try Out Different Pistols

If you want to be comfortable with your concealed carry, it’s important to try out a variety of different pistols. The one that you choose will determine the type of instruction that you can get.

If you’re interested in a pistol that your firing range doesn’t have, talk to the staff there. Either an instructor or staff member can usually recommend something similar to help you understand what you can expect if you use your preferred pistol.

Make Yourself Aware of the Rules

If you work in a school, federal building, or even some private employers, you may not be able to carry with you. You don’t want any trouble if you pick up your kids from school and happen to be carrying a concealed weapon.

Make sure you that you won’t encounter obstacles at work, school, or during trips outside of Las Vegas.

Concealed Carry Training is Only the First Step

Even if you’ve taken the training to get your permit, it’s important to always be learning and training on your weapon. If you’ve only done the bare minimum of concealed carry training and are in a position where you draw your weapon, you could risk making a situation worse.

If you want to take a course, contact us for more information on what to expect.