While a debate still rages as to whether or not it’s okay for kids to play with guns, there are more opportunities than ever for adults to play.

Gunfighting ranges take the concept of laser tag to a new level, with more strategic gameplay, and more fun in general. A gun fight is a fun and engaging way to spend an afternoon

Here’s what you need to know if you get invited to a gun fighting game and you want to ensure a win.

Practice Accuracy

When you’re in a gunfight, you need to be as accurate as possible. You only get a few chances to take a shot and so they need to count. Gunfight games move fast, so you have to make sure that you’re ready to make some accurate shots.

Get to know where the sensors are, what counts as a critical shot, and what kind of range you’ll be able to cover. If the course is small, you’ll have to maneuver around a lot of obstacles to make your shot. If it’s larger, you’re going to have to get good at taking a long-range shot.

Get Cover

Next, to actually hitting your targets, it’s important to be able to hide from becoming a target. Knowing when and where to take cover is an important factor in winning in a gunfighting game. 

The ideal cover has protection, a central location, and offers good clear shots. If you have to bend or contort your body into an uncomfortable position, it’s going to be hard to take advantage of your cover. Your cover needs to protect you in between the shots you take from a normal and ideal posture and position.

Listen Carefully

Listening is important in winning a gun-fighting game. You need to know where everyone is, how to avoid them, and when they’re approaching.

You may consider keeping your ear literally pointed toward the ground so that you can hear footsteps. Maintain awareness of the space around you, when the right time to shoot is, and when someone is approaching.

Your ears are as good as your eyes when you’re ducking for cover.

Shooting While Moving

One of the biggest problems that new gun fighters experience is that they don’t know how to shoot while running. Target shooting is great, but movement is vital to any offensive strategy in a gunfighting game.

There are no showdowns in gun fighting games, so there’s no chance to stand in one place to take the perfect shot. You’re going to have to be able to hit your target while moving.

You’ll also need to keep track of where the cover is so that you can run from one spot to the next to ensure you’re protected between shots.

Win Your Next Gun Fight With These Tips

If you want to come out on top in your next gun fight, it’s important to keep these tips in mind. It’s hard to stay focused when you’re in the thick of it, but the more you keep to these tips, the better you’ll perform.

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