Are you looking to play a zombie killing game but don’t want to become zombie bait? If so, check out this guide to learn how to defeat the zombies.

Whether you prefer to play on your phone or on a console, there are zombie games available for every type of player. If you want to win at any zombie killing game, you need to kill zombies and stay alive. Defeating zombies isn’t as easy as it might seem, so make sure you know the most common rules.

Here’s what you need to know to get started.

Head Shots Over Everything

The number one rule of zombies is that you have to get them in the head. Body shots and limb shots are useless and often only make life worse. The more rounds you let off, the more zombies you make aware of your location.

Unless you’re trying to get caught and eaten alive, make every shot count. If you can’t make it a headshot, don’t even bother unless you’re backed into a corner. Body shots will slow down zombies, but they won’t stop them.

Watch Your Ammo

Every great zombie killing game, and even popular TV shows like The Walking Dead, emphasize the idea of knowing what’s in your clip.

Every shot counts when you’re fighting against zombies. Finding more ammo might not be easy and even if it is, reloading is a challenge when you’ve got zombies coming at you. Make sure you have enough to hit every zombie in the head with a couple of shots to spare in case you need them.

Time is Not on Your Side

The main purpose of any zombie game is to survive. In most games, you have to keep moving to ensure your survival. In a game where you stand and shoot, you need to keep your eyes moving all around the screen.

In an immersive zombie-killing experience, you need to maintain 360 degrees of vision. While you might be able to breathe for a moment, you need to always keep your guard up.

They’re Around Every Corner

What makes both zombie movies and zombie video games exciting are the jump scares. While the Night of the Living Dead featured a group of slowly ambling zombies coming ever closer to the group of survivors, most game zombies are faster. 

You need to remember that zombies are likely to be in the most unlikely of places. Right after you get through a tough area with hundreds of zombies, you might be clinging to your life by a thread. That’s exactly why a game designer will place one lone zombie hidden around the corner of that safe area you’re aiming for. 

It makes for more exciting gameplay but also keeps things entertaining.

Every Zombie Killing Game is Different

If you want to win at your favorite zombie killing game, you’re going to have to know where the best weapons are and where the safest zones are. While you might get caught up in a rush and try to get through the level, you need to strategize. 

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